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Faby Skyline is a multifunction slush machine that can produce and dispense products such as slush, cream, yogurt, sherbets and alcohol-based products. Thanks to particular design choices and the use of plastic panels, it has been possible to create a design with the best air circulation in the category, giving the cooling system a long life and high performance even in extreme conditions. Available with one, two or three 10-liter tanks.

Frosty Factory 127A

Frosty Factory 127A



The Frosty Factory 127A frozen drink machine is compact, making it ideal for countertop use. The unit has a 7-quart freezing cylinder and a 16-quart hopper, giving it a production capacity of up to (160) 10-ounce servings of frozen beverages per hour. A lighted flavor sign attracts attention from customers to the product. The stainless steel construction of the machine makes it durable for commercial use and resistant to minor damage. You can refrigerate left over product overnight with the stand-by switch. The Frosty Factory 127A frozen drink machine is air cooled and has 4-inch legs that lift it up off the countertop for airflow.

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